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Rosée d’une Nuit 2014 A.O.C VENTOUX

Grape Varieties: Sinsault 40%, Mourvedre 30%, Syrah 20%, Clairette 10%

Wine making method: Syrah grapes are left ‘bleeding’ (natural crushing) for one night. The other varieties are pressed directly and fermented at cool temperature (between 8 to 10°C) for a month and a half. At the end of the fermentation process, we incorporate fine lees to give it a richer taste.

This Rosé wine goes very well with a starter or grilled meat.

Rouge Prestige 2013 A.O.C VENTOUX, our iconic wine!

Grape Varieties: Syrah 60%, Grenache 40% from old wines.

Wine making method: traditional followed by a long fermentation (1 month) with pumping over and ‘piegeage’. Aged in oak barrels for 8 months.

This is our ‘Vin de garde’, our iconic wine.

Rouge Plénitude 2012 A.O.C VENTOUX

This wine is created only in exceptional years. To obtain maximum body, there is much work on the vine to limit its yield (28 hectolitres per hectare) and to remove the leaves in order to harvest very ripe grapes. This wine is not fermented with yeast and is matured in a ‘foudre’ (very large older oak barrel) for 9 months.

Grape Varieties: Syrah 90%, Grenache 10%

Wine making method: Very ripe grapes are handpicked to give more flexible tannins. This is followed by a cold maceration for 4 days and a long fermentation (1 month).

Tasting Features: purple Robe, black fruits aroma with notes of liquorice. Full bodied wine with fine tannins and lasting aromatic taste.

Blanc Sweet November 2012

Grape Varieties: 100% Viognier from a late harvest, fermented and matured in an oak barrel for one year. This wine is sweet and very aromatic with notes of candied fruits and grill.

This sweet wine is sold in half litre bottles only and is ideal for desserts or as an aperitif.

Blanc Viognier 2014: Local Wine

Wine making method: grapes are handpicked on two different days and only in the morning. They are then immediately pressed to extract the juice (and get rid of the skin) and settled at cool temperature to obtain a clear juice. Fermentation is in a tank at low temperature (8°C) for a month and a half. A small portion is harvested later in the season and ferments in oak barrels for 2 months before being assembled.

Blanc Viognier is great as an aperitif and goes very well with fish and seafood.

Rouge élégance 2013 A.O.C VENTOUX

Grape Varieties: Grenache 60%, Syrah 30%, Carignan 10%

Wine making method: Maceration at a cool temperature followed by a long fermentation (1 month). Pumping over, ‘piegeage’ and returning techniques are applied.

Rouge élégance is the typical Côtes du Ventoux wine, fruity and full bodied. It can be kept for 5 years and is ideal for any meal.